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Saturday, Apr 28, 2018 - 10:30 AM
Single price: 
15$ adulte - 7.50$ enfant
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À la belle étoile

L'Illusion Théâtre

Two young children, a brother and sister, are abandoned by their parents in the middle of the forest. The siblings don’t get let themselves get discouraged. Huddled together, they prepare to spend their first night under the stars… This is where the ballet begins, at night-time in a forest which stirs the most absurd fears. In a forest that awakens to the rhythm of their imagination, the famous Hansel and Gretel face many dangers in order to come out grown up and more united than ever!


A combination of breakfast and a show that brings families together! Since the start of its artistic season of 2017-2018, the Centre Culturel Frontenac (CCF) has proposed new initiatives to enhance its selection of French activities offered to the community, especially to youth and families. Our next family event will take place April 28 during Month of the Military Child. The principal is simple: the CCF will greet the guests at 9:00am. Everybody is welcome to stay in their pajamas and breakfast is offered once guests arrive. Kids will take part in hands-on activities until the show starts at 10:30. During this weekend matinée the CCF tailors to families so they can spend quality time together.


9:00 – Arrival and greeting of families
9:00 – Activity stations start (badges, puppets, make-up, exhibit of works on dandelions)
9:00 – Breakfast starts
10:00 – Breakfast ends
10:10 – Activity stations end
10:10 – Thank you from CECCE
10:11 – Thank you from KMFRC
10:15 – Video from KMFRC
10:20 – Arrival of guests in the room
10:30 – Beginning of the performance


Inspired by the original version of the tale of Hansel and Gretel, as gathered by the Grimm brothers, À la belle étoile is a faithful yet renewed adaptation of this memorable tale. A fascinating entrance into the universe of fairy tales, À la belle étoile emphasizes the collaboration of these children who unite in the face of adversity to help each other and overcome trying tasks. Actors and puppets unite with humour and originality, to tell this famous story. With the help of magnificent wooden puppets, an ingenious stage structure, evocative lighting and original music, two performers/puppeteers transport young audience members to the heart of a forest that awakens to the rhythm of their imagination. Since its creation in September 2010, the performance À la belle étoile has been performed in several major international festivals.


Well anchored in Montreal since 1979, The Illusion Puppet Theatre’s mission is to create, produce and perform shows that highlight the diversity of puppet theatre. The company’s work is primarily geared toward surprising young people with innovative links between visual arts and the performing arts. When creating each performance, daring artistic teams are put together to explore new paths to creation or to revisit masterpieces from world history and offer ways shine a new light on them before adapting them with puppets. The works of the company stand out because of their playwriting that is in perfect harmony with the visual performance.