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Saturday, Apr 27, 2019 - 10:30 AM
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15$ / -18 : 7.5$
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Camping Royal

Corpus - Opening : Les Moutons

An original fairytale for young & old children. Two queens from older times go on an absurd camping trip, far away from the royal court, where they will have to use their creativity to survive in the wild. By marrying dance to theatre of object, CORPUS creates a charming and interactive adventure for all ages.

Opening Act : Les Moutons 
Reality meets fantasy in this wordless live installation that recreates a bucolic country scene in a typical urban setting. Travel to a strange & hilarious universe as CORPUS takes you through a carefully studied, surrealistic overview of sheep behaviour. Meet Julie, Marie-louise, Bernadette and César, 3 healthy ewes and a young ram. Routine activities include: shearing, feeding, milking and many more... This truly innovative performance twists reality in surprising ways and takes audience interaction to new heights!